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What is BIOHK2022?
BIOHK2022 is a convention comprises conference, exhibition and one2one partnering. Which aims to be platform for international visitors to explore the potentials of biotech in Hong Kong. Assist everyone to connect with professionals from the industry, discuss with new biotech companies for future collaborations and browse the countless biotech opportunities.

What makes Hong Kong a future biotech hub?
Located strategically between Mainland China and the international market, Hong Kong is brimming with world-class talent, extensive testing and authentication services and products, a robust banking system, excellent fundraising platforms among others. As such, we believe Hong Kong has an exclusive opportunity to become Asia’s biotech hub and innovation centre. The future of biotech in Hong Kong is bright!

How to join the convention?
To join the exhibition, conference and one2one business matching, please register here

To join as exhibitor, please register here. For details, please contact the secretariat of BIOHK2022 by email: info@bio-hk.com or call our hotline: 2799 7688

Where can I find the price list of the booths? Can I order 2sides corner booth?
You may find in Booth pricing

Any discount for booth payment?
You may enjoy 5% discount by confirming payment before 30th September.

When can I select the booth location?
Booth selection date will be announced in October.

When is the booth reservation deadline?
Booth reservation deadline is 30th September.

Can I join / promote someone as speaker?
All exhibitors or commercial registered visitors can submit abstract to reserve during the pitching session. Final approval decision depends on BIOHK2022 scientists’ committee group.

Any measures on the health safety during the convention?
We understand that you may worry to join BIOHK2021 international convention at this moment due to various health safety concerns, but you don’t have to worry because we shall take all the effort to guarantee your safety, for more details, please refer to the Health and Safety Measures

Is virtual convention will be held if I cannot join in person?
Please pay attention to our latest announcement.

If I am not an exhibitor, can I join One 2 One business matching?
Yes, if you wish to join the One 2 One business matching, please register as a participant of BIOHK2021 in our website. For more details about One 2 One business matching, please refer to One 2 One Partnering Information

Special arrangement

If BIOHK2022 need to be postponed due to the COVID 19 outbreak or the social distancing policy set by the Hong Kong Government, the collected fund will be retained and roll over to the next BIOHK convention without any additional charges or you may request for a full refund if necessary.  Apart from the above, you may also request for a full refund if you are infected with COVID (proof of PCR test is needed).   

For further enquiries, please contact us at info@bio-hk.com