Health and Safety Measures

BIOHK care your Health and Safety as our First Priority 

Health and Safety Measures 

The safety and well-being of our exhibitors, attendees, partners and colleagues have always been a priority for Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization and BIOHK2022. In the meantime, we are continuously monitoring the situation and keeping up to date with current policies set up by the government and health organizations regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. All updated information and arrangements regarding BIOHK2022 will be posted on this webpage and updated through email to all BIOHK2022 exhibitors & attendees, vendors and other partners. 

Hygiene Measures 

In line with the measures taken by the Hong Kong SAR Government against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Hong Kong, and considering the safety of exhibitors, visitors and service users, BIOHK2022 Convention will implement a number of measures, including: 

COVID Free – To make sure of Epidemic Prevention Measures 

This procedure will be kept updated according to the latest Government’s measurement.  We have prepared many safety products for you to ensure to protect you against the COVID-19 virus!

JINWOFU – COVID 19 Antigen Rapid Test (3 sets)

  1. BIOHK will be provide JINWOFU Covid 19 Antigen Rapid Test for all exhibitors, attendees and partners for free.  All attendees can do the test before you come to the event and we want everyone to enjoy your time at BIOHK2022 without worries. 

Antigen Rapid Testing Quantitative System – ART-QUANT

  1. We also provide Antigen Rapid Testing Quantitative System – ART-QUANT test for free. It help to analyze your COVID Test results online.  Even you are tested negative from the Antigen Test, the ART-QUANT’s AI technology can help to determine whether you have been infected or you are COVID free, ART-QUANT will provide a details professional report, which reflects the ART index of virus (even you have been tested zero), from the level of the viral load. We want to provide more protection against the virus. 

BIOHK2022 Surgical mask sponsor 

BIOHK Nano Mask (by Sunlight)

Epidemic Prevention Measures 

  1. Visitors are required to scan the “Leave Home Safe” QR code * or complete a registration form at the entrance. 
  1. Visitors are required to always wear a face mask within the venue. 
  1. Anyone who is undergoing compulsory isolation or wearing a quarantine electronic wristband will be refused to enter the venue. 
  1. All visitors must pass the temperature check at the entrance of the lobby. Those whose temperature exceeds 37.5°C will be denied to enter the venue. 
  1. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the venue. 
  1. All exhibitor, attendees, partners and staffs are required to undergo a regular COVID-19 testing and/or complete COVID-19 vaccination (In the third stage of vaccine pass (on or after 31 May 2022), all personnel (including working staff) aged 18 or above will need to have received at least 3 doses / 2 doses (if within 6 months from 2nd does) under Vaccine Pass, please refer to the website for other conditions. 
  1. Please be reminded that appropriate distance between visitors should be ensured.  
  1. We promise that a 4-hours cleansing operation will be applied at all toilets in the venue. 
  1. Alcohol hand sanitizer is provided in the venue. Adequate disinfection facilities are provided in the exhibition hall and lobby. Visitors can obtain alcohol-based hand rub whenever needed. 
  1. We provide vaccine information and doctor center for visitors to enquire. 
  1. We provide free COVID-19 testing service, visitors are welcome to seek for professional inquiry. 
  1. We provide free face mask to visitors, individual business and all units. 
  1. To prevent virus spreading in the venue, public area and shared items are applied long-term disinfection coating. 

* Download “Leave Home Safe” application at 

You are welcome to tell us if there are better ideas. We are willing to take one step further and do our best to ensure the safety of all participants. 

Special Arrangement 

We understand that you may worry to join BIOHK2022 international convention at the moment due to various health safety concerns, but you don’t have to worry because we shall take all the effort to guarantee your safety and have contingency plans if it is still not safe to travel in December. The convention itself will strictly follow government protocol regarding health regulations and have a supply of masks, essential sterilization, temperature checks and health staff on site. Let’s join BIOHK2022 and seize the business development opportunity and make meaningful business connections with potential partners and investors. 

Important Resources from Government and Organization

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