Welcome Message from Presidents

The First Chapter of Hong Kong Biotech – BIOHK2022

Hong Kong has opened its borders to the world! Once world-renowned as Asia’s top financial center, Hong Kong has spent the past two years utilizing the power of biotechnology in resisting this pandemic and is experiencing significant demographic shifts; these events are spurring Hong Kong’s emergence as a new player in innovative healthcare. With quarantine restrictions removed, now is the best time to register and catch up with the latest information about the biotechnology industry at our BIOHK2022 International Convention!

In recent years, biotechnology has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in Hong Kong and China. Recognizing its potential, the government has offered strong support through investment in research and development and the building of infrastructure to foster close connections between industry, academia, and investors. According to the Research Grants Council, between 2013/14 and 2017/18, 803 biotechnology-related projects in local universities were publicly funded amounting to HK$1.2 billion, while outside of academia, through the Innovation and Technology Fund, over 460 biotechnology projects have been funded including those related to non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, robotics-assisted minimally invasive surgery and mini artificial heart.

Hong Kong is considered the gateway to China due to its unique status as a special administrative region, which offers a rich source of opportunities for overseas investors looking to capitalize on the continued growth of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) – a scheme initiated by the Chinese government to link Hong Kong, Macau and 9 other cities along the Pearl River Estuary and form an international technology and innovation center rivaling that of Silicon Valley. With its strong exposure and international integration, Hong Kong has become the go-to stepping stone for Chinese companies looking to expand abroad. New listing rules adopted by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) allowed pre-revenue biotech companies to be listed on the exchange, turning the city into Asia’s largest biotech fundraising hub. A first in Asia, it ensured more capital could flow freely towards a sector that’d been largely deprived in the region until recently. As such, owing to its geopolitical advantage, a large number of world-class universities, and its reputation as the No. 1 biotech IPO market in Asia, Hong Kong is a safe harbor for global investors to reap benefits at the epicenter of Asia’s biotech revolution. It is our hope that BIOHK2022 will help set this in motion.

Hong Kong’s position in the Greater Bay Area enables companies to tap into vast pools of talent and funding in mainland China. COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of the biotechnology industry and expanded its impact on solving humanity’s biggest health problems. From new drug developments to mRNA vaccines, emerging state-of-the-art biotechnologies are timely reminding the world of its importance, highlighting its key role in ending this pandemic and opening Hong Kong’s borders. It is our mission to showcase these advancements and foster collaboration at BIOHK2022.

We are aiming to bring you the world-class biotech convention. Our BIOHK2022 Presidents are from different disciplines of biotech spanning over years from academia to venture capital. BIOHK2022 will be one of its kind – all the modern biotech elements on display to bring you a full range of biotech to discover. Business opportunities are best made face to face and BIOHK2022 will foster one of the first large-scale networking opportunities in December 2022. We have worked tirelessly for this moment to unite people from all over the world to participate in our event to ensure the event is an overwhelming success. 

As a city with a rich history in industrial development and innovation, and one that is frequently coined “Asia’s World City”, there is no better place to bring biotech companies from East and West together other than here at BIOHK2022. Take charge and seize the many opportunities available and engage with global industry leaders at BIOHK2022.

With the successful development and popularization of the coronavirus vaccine, we believe that technology can take everyone out of the predicament. We look forward to seeing you in BIOHK2022.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. YU Cheung-hoi, Albert
  • Co-president, BIOHK2022
Dr. Yu Guo Liang
  • Co-president, BIOHK2022
Mr. CHEN Ping
  • Co-president, BIOHK2022