Hong Kong strengthens its position as a global biotechnology investment hub

BIOHK2022 is set to explore recent advancements and innovations in the global biotechnology platform

Photo Credit: Freepik

Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) is organising BIOHK2022 from 14-17th December convening global biotechnology expertise to introduce novel state-of-the-art biotech innovations from around the globe.

HKBIO promotes Hong Kong as a biotechnology hub in Asia. BIOHK brings together pioneers in the biotechnology industry to focus on advanced biotechnology innovations around treatments and diagnostics.

Hong Kong is exploring opportunities for biotechnology investment in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Hong Kong’s biotechnology industry has been supported by a large number of public and private resources, and benefited from the new listing rules passed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) in 2018, which has promoted the industry in Hong Kong, China, Asia and beyond. The updated listing rules include allowing pre-profit biotech companies to list on the Hong Kong exchange. 

Hong Kong government has offered strong support through investment in research and development and the building of infrastructure to foster close connections between industry, academia, and investors. According to the Research Grants Council, between 2013/14 and 2017/18, 803 biotechnology-related projects in local universities were publicly funded amounting to HK$1.2 billion, while outside of academia, through the Innovation and Technology Fund, over 460 biotechnology projects have been funded including those related to non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, robotics-assisted minimally invasive surgery and mini artificial heart.

Source: https://www.biospectrumasia.com/news/26/21601/hong-kong-strengthens-its-position-as-a-global-biotechnology-investment-hub.html